Our involvement does not start and end with signing an Offer to Purchase with the Seller or Purchaser.  Whether you need to establish the value of your property or maintain and develop the capital and rental value thereof, we can assist.  For every homeowner, purchaser, lender, investor and lessee, valuations are of extreme importance.

What will you receive:

  • Municipal Valuation;
  • Automated Valuation (i.e. expected value, estimated high and expected low);
  • Comparative Sales;
  • Average Price Breakdown; and
  • Aerial Image and Map View

How we can help you:

In order to schedule a Property Valuation with our experts, kindly furnish us with the following information by e-mail to liza@glcgroup.co.za:

a. Contact Details:

  • Name and Surname
  • Contact Number; and
  • Email Address

b. Property Details:

  • Property Address (Physical Address);
  • Property Description (i.e. Erf Number and Registration Division); and 
  • Valuation Type (i.e. residential, commercial or vacant plot)