Whether buying, selling or renting a property, above all, you need advise you can trust.  This is true for the owner of a country house in the Southern Suburbs, as it is for the tenant of a Camps Bay Penthouse or the first time buyer of a Home within a New Development.

How we can help you?

Our agents combine their own depth of experience and interest in property with an exhaustive approach to research and thorough marketing.  This, alongside a proper commitment to our clients, we are your best choice.

Our expertise

As people who know about property in all its forms, our services extend beyond agency into a broad range of specialisations and consultancy services across all markets.

  • Advising you on the market value of your property;

  • Marketing your property effectively;
  • Assessing prospective purchasers to ascertain whether they are financially able to purchase the property and what their housing needs are;
  • Advising a prospective purchaser on the suitability of the property for his needs, its general conditions and whether there are any restrictions on the use of the property;
  • Negotiating the transaction, taking into consideration the interests of all parties concerned;
  • Completing the Offer to Purchase document, making sure that the document is legally valid and reflects the requirements and intentions of all the parties concerned;
  • Advising the buyer on financing the transaction and assisting him in arranging such finance;
  • Liaising with the conveyancing attorneys attending to the transfer of the property and assisting them to expedite the registration process.